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Midsea Books was set up in 1968 and published its first book in 1971. Its founder, Pawlu Mizzi was decorated with the Order of Merit by the state for his entrepreneurship in publishing. Midsea Books is today considered as Malta’s leading publishers with books ranging from early readers to novels, drama, poetry as well as academic studies, language, culture and history. Most of the books are published in Maltese however most reference and history books are published in English. Since its setting up, Midsea Books has published over 900 new titles. Above all, Midsea Books are the publishers of two of the most important dictionaries in the Maltese language: Erin Serracino-Inglott’s Il-Miklem Malti in 10 volumes and Joseph Aqulina’s The Maltese-English-Maltese Dictionary in 6 volumes. Lately the dictionary section of Midsea Books has been enriched by two other publications: Dictionary for Financial Services by Carlo Farrugia and Dictionary for Special Purposes edited by Charles Briffa.


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